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ServNet - servnetshsztndci.onion

We value freedom of speech, and have always stood for privacy and the protection of our clients

This service is for companies and individuals that require their servers to stay online on the DarkNet. We'll take care of the backend so you can focus on what matters.
Fair Use Policy is more than sufficient for most of our clients. However if you need more resources, you may contact us regarding our dedicated servers and software setup availability.

** Request a trial and try our service before purchase **


price for 1 month price for 3 months
save 15%
price for 6 months
save 25%
ram Disk Highspeed Banwidth
$14.90 $12.66 $11.17 384MiB 15GiB 1Gbps Unmetered
$19.90 $16.91 $14.92 512MiB 30GiB 1Gbps Unmetered
$49.90 $42.41 $37.42 1024MiB 50GiB 1Gbps Unmetered
$69.90 $59.41 $52.42 2048MiB 100GiB 1Gbps Unmetered
$99.90 $84.91 $74.92 3072MiB 150GiB 1Gbps Unmetered
$119.90 $101.91 $89.924096MiB 200GiB 1Gbps Unmetered


Available Addons
Add 1x .onion address $9.00 setup
Add 5x .onion address $25.00 setup
Add 1024MB RAM $20.00 / monthly
Add 50GB HDD $15.00 / monthly
Managed Services
Hard Drive Full Backup $50.00
Server Reinstall / Reboot Included
Managed Services (custom-based) Contact us for additionals

Intel Xeon Quad Core powered Virtual Private Servers

  • Unrestricted SSH root access via TOR Network or clearnet
  • 1Gbit/s Ethernet Uplink
  • Including Fair Use Policy
  • No contract or hosting agreement required
  • No name or address details required
  • We accept anonymous payments: Bitcoin, Western Union and MoneyGram
  • Including Fair Use Policy (FUP) Bandwidth
  • Including our "No matter What" services
  • Static IPv4 address included
  • Fair CPU scheduling
  • Pre-Installed software: CentOS 6.x, Nginx, Apache, php-fpm (5.4), MySQL
  • Easy website setup - at /home/site/
  • SSH keys, TOR keys, .onion domain generated on every setup
  • phpMyAdmin access via TOR .onion domain url
  • Verify the installed PHP resources at https://servnetshsztndci.onion.to/phpinfo.php


Sales / Support
Email BM-2cXrLVqHsyVs4wy82nyFfQ81Rd4NuofH5z@bitmessage.ch

You are not allowed to use this service for:
- Spam, all forms of Email Abuse and Bulk Email related products
- Background running programs (bots/daemons/monitors)
- Unauthorized monitoring of data or traffic on any network or system without express authorization.
- IP range scanning/port scanning/vulnerability scanning
- Unauthorized access to or use of data, systems or networks, including any attempt to scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without express authorization.
- The placement of extremist material or material not deemed in good taste is not permitted - customer is held fully responsible for any misuse of account regardless of whoever published the content.
- Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) - No resources and servers may be used to perform any form of DoS attacks.

ServNet Darknet Fastest servers .onion-hoster. Unrestricted SSH root access. 1Gbit/s Ethernet Uplink.